Friday, September 25, 2009

The Men, Who Could Play Stevie Wonder, In The Movie!

The men who would be Wonder! ,

I received the usual email about Eddie Murphy and Anthony Hamilton. I have some words to say about these picks, "All BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE!". Eddie Murphy does a good impression of Stevie but, that's as far as it goes, it's a gimmick.

Anthony Hamilton, who I love, is short, scruffy, and does not sound like Stevie. Stevie Wonder is tall and has movie star good looks, if he was short and scruffy, Berry Gordy would have shown him the door. Like I said, I do love Anthony Hamilton, but he can't play Stevie in the movie.

Last but not least, someone had the nerve to send me Samuel Jackson's name. Lord have mercy on that person's soul. First of all, Stevie does not have a gap in his teeth, I have a gap, so I know gaps, Samuel Jackson has a big gap in his front teeth for crying out loud!!! Second of all, Samuel Jackson's looks have been ravished by drugs and you can tell. He has kicked the habit, thank God, but he does not have the so-fresh and so-clean Stevie looks. (I know, I know, Stevie has started drinking wine, I wish he would stop that schitt.) Stevie Stop! Thirdly, Samuel Jackson is old, Stevie is grown and sexy, there is a difference.

These are my picks to play Stevie, in my expert opinion. Three of the men are from the movie, "The Temptations". They all look good, they can act, and they can sing.

Charles Malik Whitfield,

D.B. Woodside,

Terron Brooks,

Isaiah Washington,

Andre3000, He disrespected Rosa Parks, and his country ass, sounds country, but he does look like Stevie.,

Okay, those are my picks, what are yours?

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  1. Mumtaz Morris could play Stevie, as well Lee Garrett.

  2. Mumtaz could play Stevie! What a good choice. Stevie has another son that looks exactly like him too.

  3. I believe that you should select Andre 3000 he could a wonderful JOB... I believe he has an acting talent

  4. If Trevor Ariza was an actor he could play Stevie


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