Friday, September 25, 2009

The Men, Who Could Play Stevie Wonder, In The Movie!

The men who would be Wonder! ,

I received the usual email about Eddie Murphy and Anthony Hamilton. I have some words to say about these picks, "All BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE!". Eddie Murphy does a good impression of Stevie but, that's as far as it goes, it's a gimmick.

Anthony Hamilton, who I love, is short, scruffy, and does not sound like Stevie. Stevie Wonder is tall and has movie star good looks, if he was short and scruffy, Berry Gordy would have shown him the door. Like I said, I do love Anthony Hamilton, but he can't play Stevie in the movie.

Last but not least, someone had the nerve to send me Samuel Jackson's name. Lord have mercy on that person's soul. First of all, Stevie does not have a gap in his teeth, I have a gap, so I know gaps, Samuel Jackson has a big gap in his front teeth for crying out loud!!! Second of all, Samuel Jackson's looks have been ravished by drugs and you can tell. He has kicked the habit, thank God, but he does not have the so-fresh and so-clean Stevie looks. (I know, I know, Stevie has started drinking wine, I wish he would stop that schitt.) Stevie Stop! Thirdly, Samuel Jackson is old, Stevie is grown and sexy, there is a difference.

These are my picks to play Stevie, in my expert opinion. Three of the men are from the movie, "The Temptations". They all look good, they can act, and they can sing.

Charles Malik Whitfield,

D.B. Woodside,

Terron Brooks,

Isaiah Washington,

Andre3000, He disrespected Rosa Parks, and his country ass, sounds country, but he does look like Stevie.,

Okay, those are my picks, what are yours?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Please Hollywood hear my cry!
My most fervent wish is to see the Life of Stevie Wonder on the big screen. I pray for this every night and every day. OH GOD! HOLLYWOOD! PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE OF THE LIFE OF STEVIE WONDER!

Who would play Little Stevie?

Who would play Teenage Stevie?

Who would play Young Man Stevie 70's?

Who would play Young Man Stevie 80's?

Who would play Grown and Sexy Stevie?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stevie Wonder Tour Itinerary

October 2009,
22 - Mashantucket, CT - MGM Grand at Foxwoods,
23 - Verona, NY - Event Center at Turning Stone Resort Casino,
25 - Norfolk, VA - Constant Convocation Center,
29 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th, Anniversary Concerts),

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As Usual, "F" The Neighbors

I have to blast my Stevie Wonder CD's when I get home from work. I don''t care who doesn't like it. It relieves stress. So far, no one has complained, I wish a mo'fo would! Everybody loves a little Stevie Wonder, no matter how loud. I've been getting non-stop calls from nieces and nephews asking to go to the Stevie concert. I may have to kick my best friend to the curb for my niece, so I'll be taking two nieces. I'm a good Auntie.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Time to Love

I love this album so much, Stevie's voice is the ultimate best it has ever sounded. It brings tears to my eyes. The emotion goes deep and nourishes my soul. I've been playing this album for 3 days straight, and I'm not tired of it yet. This man's music game is beyond tight. I'm listening to, "The Sweetest Somebody I Know", oh god, I love that song. Hopefully, he will sing it at the concert,


There is something on my mind,
that's in my heart,
written on my face,
And it would behove me and my soul,
if I did not state my case,
And so as truth is real,
and real is truth,
this truly must be told,
That you've got to be the sweetest somebody,
I know,

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Monday, September 21, 2009

STEVIE WONDER at the MGM GRAND, Oct 22, 2009

Stevie Wonder, A Wonderful Autumn Night Concert,
Venue: MGM Grand Theater,
Date: 10/22/2009,
Time: 8 PM,

Guess Who Has Tickets?

I do, I do! DO I DO! YES I DO! I HAVE TICKETS! Stevie (the eight Wonder of the world!), will be performing, eternal beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!!, near me in Connecticut! I have to travel through 2 states to get to Connecticut but it's close enough to New York. It's a state of the northeast United States so that's close enough. He will be performing at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. I bought 3 tickets and got a discount on a fabulous room! I put in for my vacation today and I am ready to go! Life is so good, I tell ya!

Want tickets?

Go Here:

They give you a discount on the rooms after you purchase the tickets for the show. For the room discount, you have to call, 866-MGM-0050, be sure to reference the special promotion code “Ticket”.

Here's my Room:

I'm taking my niece and my best friend. It's almost time for us, to assume the position, and kneel before the throne, of our spiritual leader, Stevie Wonder.

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The Icon at Age 13

Morning! I wish everyone, - serenity, peace, love, and tranquility,

Stevie Wonder, was born on May 13, 1950. In 1961, at the age of eleven, Wonder was discovered singing outside a street corner by a relative of The Miracles' Ronnie White, who was later introduced to Wonder. White brought Wonder and his mother to Motown Records. Impressed by the young musician, Motown CEO Berry Gordy signed Wonder to Motown's Tamla label with the name Little Stevie Wonder. Before signing, producer Mickey Stevenson gave Wonder his trademark name after remarking about him saying "that boy's a wonder". He then recorded the minor hit "I Call It Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues", which was released in late 1961. Wonder released his first two albums, The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie and Tribute to Uncle Ray, in 1962,

By age thirteen, Wonder had a major hit, "Fingertips (Pt. 2)", a 1963 single taken from a live recording of a Motor Town Revue performance, issued on the album, Recorded Live: The 12 Year Old Genius. The song, featuring Wonder on vocals, bongos, and harmonica, and a young Marvin Gaye on drums, was a #1 hit on the U.S. pop and R&B charts and launched him into the public consciousness,

On the video below, Stevie, broke away from the MC when the MC said, "take a bow, Stevie", and like the bad-ass that he is, Stevie started playing and singing again, to end the show the way he saw fit, the band scrambled to sit down, at their instruments, to back him up, You can hear in the background, the late, great, Marvin Gaye, asking, What Key?, What Key? Stevie finished the song Stevie style, and the rest is history,

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stevie Fact

By 1975, in his 25th year, Stevie Wonder had won two consecutive Grammy Awards: in 1974 for Innervisions (Album of the Year) and in 1975 for Fulfillingness' First Finale (Album of the Year). Pictured, Bette Midler and Stevie Wonder, winner for best album of the year, at the Uris Theater in New York City, New York during the 1975 Grammy Awards.

- From

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People at a Stevie Wonder Concert

This video was filmed at a Stevie Wonder concert, in Chicago, the people were dancing their asses off, and having a great time. There were crowds of people there just grooving, together, without a care in the world. It feels good to witness people having a good time, dancing and laughing. I want to thank johnnysmooth for posting this video to YouTube, Thank You.

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Golden Lady

I took this artistic picture of myself, my reflection is bouncing off the glass, as I try to capture the trees outside my window. I can hear the birds singing and there is a squirrel scampering up a branch. I look a little like Mother Earth or Mother Nature, staring out through the trees. I should have smiled or something, because, I look like I'm ready to hit someone with a lightening bolt. The rain has left streaks on my window pane. In the background, Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady" is playing loudly. As usual, "F" the neighbors. They don't want to piss off Mother Nature.

I've been up most of the night researching many blog and Twitter applications that would make my blog and tweets accessible to the visually impaired. I added on the sidebar and to every blogpost, Odiogo, which transforms my blog posts into a podcast that can be heard via any iPod or computer. You can now find "The Church of Stevie Wonder" on iTunes.

I also tested Twitwoop, which transforms phone calls into audio tweets, which are then posted onto Twitter. I think Stevie should try it out, so he won't have anymore dealings with fake Stevie Wonder Twitter accounts.

I tried out TweetCall, which transcribes phone calls into text, it worked fine, but, you have to enter a pin number, which may be difficult for some. Anyway, it worked well, my phone call was transcribed into text and went straight to my Twitter account. I'm guessing it will work fine if you have an easy to remember pin number, however, I prefer Twitwoop because no pin number is needed.

I recommend that all Stevie Wonder fan sites follow my lead and make their fan sites accessible to the visually impaired. If Stevie doesn't have access to your fan site, then it's not a true Stevie fan site.

Needless to say, I will be Twit Wooping and Tweet Calling from the Stevie concert next month. Holla!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Picture of the Week

This is a great picture of the great Stevie Wonder with the Funk Brothers. He was about 15 going on 16 years old in this picture. Look how he is in total control. He looks like the boss in this picture. At this time, he started writing hits for Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. The picture is from the Detroit Free Press.

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I Have Stevie Wonder Tickets!

I bought the tickets this morning and I'm going to brag about it.
Oct 22, 2009, I will be at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods wearing my Stevie Wonder T-Shirt and my Stevie Wonder Bag proudly! I booked a room and bought 3 tickets. Yep, I am ret-ta-go!

My song list requests? All of, "Innervisions", all of, "A Time to Love", a sprinkling of early 60's Stevie, and , "Race Babbling", "Finale", and "Black Man". I know that I'm asking for a lot.

Last but not least, I would love to meet Stevie Wonder after the show . . . if anyone has connections, email me!

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Stevie Wonder Documentary - Part 5

The Church of Stevie Wonder Store

Stevie Wonder Documentary - Part 4

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stevie Wonder Documentary - Part 1

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Waiting in Pain

I see the Ads everywhere . . . "Stevie Wonder appearing at the MGM Grand on October 22!" Yet, when I go to the website to purchase the tickets, they are no where to be found. What is up, MGM Grand?

I have the girlfriends ready to go!

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Words of Wonder - The First New Age Album

Stevie Wonder's, Secret Life of Plants,


I can't conceive the nucleus of all,
Begins inside a tiny seed,
And what we think as insignificant,
Provides the purest air we breathe,

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being,
For these are but a few discoveries,
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants,

A species smaller than the eye can see,
Or larger than most living things,
And yet we take from it without consent,
Our shelter, food, habilment ,

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being,
For these are but a few discoveries,
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants,

But far too many give them in return,
A stomp, cut, drown, or burn,
As is they're nothing,
But if you ask yourself where would you be,
Without them you will find you would not ,

And some believe antennas are their leaves,
That spans beyond our galaxy,
They've been, they are and probably will be,
Who are the mediocrity,

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being,
For these are but a few discoveries,
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants,
For these are but a few discoveries,
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants

By Stevie Wonder from the album "Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants",

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I Had to Own It . . . Again!

Today I had to break down and purchase the "Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants". I couldn't resist this masterpiece one more day. This album was released in 1979 and it was widely panned by the so-called music critics, who did not try to understand Stevie's classical, experimental, and mostly instrumental conceptual album based on the praise of Mother Earth. The Album is the soundtrack to the movie of the same title.

I remember when the album originally came out, basically I was like everybody else, expecting another R&B/Jazz based Stevie album. Luckily, I had studied classical music and was in a glee club that sang baroque (not "broke") music, so I was pleasantly surprised at Stevie's "new sound" and I did not go into shock when I didn't hear R&B.

My wish is for Stevie to keep pushing himself creatively, and produce more music, outside of the box, because I know his mind and talent would create magic!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Master at Age 24

I feel so blessed to find and share this video with you all. I hope and pray that the young entertainers of today model themselves after Stevie Wonder and strive to be more like him in every way. At the very young age of 24, Stevie talked, wrote, and sung about peace and love. I am forever grateful to be able to enjoy, support, and promote his music. On this video he speaks about his vision.

People hand in hand
have I lived to see the milk in honey land
Where hates a dream and love forever stands
or is this a vision in my mind?

- Visions by Stevie Wonder

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moon Blue - By Stevie Wonder

My brother came over today, to gather our mother and her things, the US Open is over and she's going back, "down south" to South Carolina. I played Moon Blue for my bro, as he ate his fish and grits, waiting for our mom "the 72 year old tennis fanatic" to pack. He loves Stevie just as much as I do, we grew up on Stevie.

Thank goodness, I'll have the tree house all to myself once again. The picture below reminds me of being bathed in blue light sublime, enchanting, strange and whimsical, exactly as Stevie describes in his beautiful song, perfect for the evening . . . I can't wait for the night. The deepness and tone of Stevie's voice is magical. I think I'll replay Moon Blue quietly, like a prayer, and give the neighbors a break, until tomorrow.

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Our Spiritual Leader and Maestro: Stevie Wonder

That's the way the host introduced Stevie, I kid you not . . .

I'm up way past my bedtime. I'm cold, I'm tired, and I'm hungry, but do I go to bed? Hell No! I'm up looking for more Stevie Wonder videos and music. This one . . . "Too Close" with the Williams Brothers is one of my favorites. Towards the end Stevie, our spiritual leader, gets all Stevie on us, and shouts "We want music education in schools!" to a rollicking holy ghost groove. Only in Stevie land.

He looks good and sounds good, as usual. Stevie's rocking the flowing locks, the mauve suit, and the purple satin shirt. His shades are tinted blue giving him that rock star vibe. Skin as smooth as butter. Lips making me wish I was Stevie's harmonica.

Let the sisters of the church say, "AMEN!"

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


From the Album "Secret Life of Plants"This song reminds me of space traveling, teleporting, time travel, and all that stuff. When I look out my window I sometimes wonder if there is another purpose for plants and trees. As humans, have we really paid attention to the true purpose of plant life on this earth? Do plants hold the key to true time travel?

"The Secret Life of Plants" is my next album purchase. I never knew that Stevie performed "Race Babbling" from the album live, he should do it often. I Love It! . . . Enjoy!

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Thank GOD for the U.S. Open!

Thank GOD for the U.S. Open! My mother has left the apartment to attend the U.S. Open, now I can finally, finally, blast my Stevie Wonder Albums!

I'm a grown azzed woman with some respect for a 72 year old lady also known as "Mom" , so, I only played one song per day, on low, while she is staying in New York, for the Open.

(how the hell can one listen to "Higher Ground" on low?), Anyhow.

Thank GOD today's game is an all day event. Go Serena!

Hello Stevie! Let's have church today! I'm Blasting, "Innervisions" the greatest album of all times!

Let the church say AMEN!

I would like to dedicate, these words from "Living for the City" to Serena Williams.

"His sister's black but she is sho'nuff pretty,
Her skirt is short but Lord her legs are sturdy,
To walk to school she's got to get up early,
Her clothes are old but never are they dirty,
Living just enough, just enough for the hum,

- Stevie Wonder from "Living for the City"

Footnote: Serena lost . . . badly

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Stevie Wonder T-Shirt

Click on the shirt to purchase!

Stevie Wonder: Isn't He Lovely

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Stevie Wonder - The Mentor to MJ

"He (Michael) would always come into the studio curious about how I worked and what I did. ‘How do you do that? Why do you do that?’ I think he understood clearly from seeing various people do the music scene that it definitely took work. He must have been around 9 or 10 then, and I definitely felt that he would be someone. You hear the voice, and all he could do is grow. And that’s what he did."

- Stevie Wonder

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google Mapping Stevie Wonder

This is unbelieveable, I thought I was the ultimate Stevie Wonder Super-Fan, but some fans have out done me and started google mapping Stevie Wonder. Where he was spotted, where is has done concerts, where he was born, etc . . .

View Larger Map

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Stevie Wonder Poster Available for Fans!

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I Love Stevie Wonder!

I'm getting ready for a Spa Day with my mother and I'm playing Stevie Wonder's Innervisions as we get ready. I'm treating my mom to the spa, I thought I would treat her to some Stevie too. We were reminiscing about the time when Stevie Wonder won all his Grammy's in 1973, and we were yelling and screaming in our living room with happiness, like he was a relative or something, or is this a vison in my mind ,

Thank God for Youtube. I can watch this video and relive the night Stevie Wonder won Grammy's for Innervisons, all over again. It's kind of funny to hear the Grammy back-up band trying to play "Visions", as Stevie walks to the stage to accept his award. This was the night that I officially fell in love with Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder Visions,
People hand in hand,
Have I lived to see the milk and honey land ?,
Where hate's a dream and love forever stands,
Or is this a vision in my mind ?,

The law was never passed,
But somehow all men feel,
they're truly free at last,
Have we really gone this far,
through space and time,
Or is this a vision in my mind ?,

I'm not one who makes believe,
I know that leaves are green,
They only change to brown when autumn comes around,
I know just what I say,
Today's not yesterday,
And all things have an ending,

But what I'd like to know,
Is could a place like this exist so beautiful,
Or do we have to find our wings and fly away,
To the vision in our mind ?,

I'm not one who makes believes,
I know that leaves are green,
They only change to brown when autumn comes around,

I know just what I say,
Today's not yesterday,
And all things have an ending,

But what I'd like to know,
Is could a place like this exist so beautiful,
Or do we have to take our wings and fly away,
To the vision in our minds?
- Stevie Wonder,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FLASHBACK: Stevie Wonder to Produce Michael

Click photo to enlarge and read the newspaper article.

Innervisions - The Greatest Album of all Times!

Innervision released in 1973 by Stevie Wonder won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1974. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I begged my mother for my allowance so I can run down to the record store to buy, "Innervisions" . . . as I watched the Grammy's, I prayed and prayed to hear, " . . . and the winner is Stevie Wonder!" I heard, . . . and the winner is Stevie Wonder about 4 or 5 times that night. Stevie nearly walked away with all of the grammy's that night!

Album of the Year . . .and the winner is Stevie Wonder!
Best Engineered Non-Classical Recording . . .and the winner is Stevie Wonder!
Best R&B Song . . .and the winner is Stevie Wonder!

I thought I had died and gone to Stevie Wonder heaven."

One of my favorites songs on the Album is "Golden Lady" . . . I could swear Stevie wrote this song for me and was whispering the lyrics in my ear.

A touch of rain and sunshine made the flower grow
Into a lovely smile thats blooming
And its so clear to me that your my dream come true
There is no way that Ill be losing

And golden lady, golden lady
I'd like to go there
Golden lady, golden lady
I'd like to go there
Take me right away

All songs written, produced and arranged by Stevie Wonder. 1973.

Side One
"Too High" – 4:37
"Visions" – 5:22
"Living for the City" – 7:22
"Golden Lady" – 5:00

Side Two
"Higher Ground" – 3:42
"Jesus Children of America" – 4:10
"All in Love Is Fair" – 3:42
"Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" – 4:44
"He's Misstra Know-It-All" – 5:35

He also played virtually all instruments on "Too High", "Living for the City", "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing", "Higher Ground", "Jesus Children of America", and "He's Misstra Know-It-All".

Stevie Wonder on Bass, Harmonica, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Multi Instruments, Fender Rhodes, Moog Bass, Fender Electric Piano, Moog Bells. Amazing Grace!

I played the Album today about 4 times, straight through, and it sounds fresher than ever, still better than anything around. If you don't own this Album, your lost.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One More (NEW) Drum Solo by Stevie Wonder!

In this video Stevie (our spiritual leader) is crazy, sexy, cool as ever in his velvet suit and white butterfly shirt. Rocking the shades, the 'fro', the bright smile, and the smooth skin. He's about 18 or 19 years old, absolutely delicious to look at!

. . . oh! and he plays the drums good too! I love it when he stands up and says . . . 1, 2, - 1, 2, 3, 4 and starts that wicked beat again. Much better drumming than anyone I have ever heard. He beats a drum like no one else can.

The look of enjoyment on his face is a joy to behold. Makes me want to go to work tomorrow with a smile on my face.
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