Saturday, October 31, 2009

Amazing Stevie!

I just got back from Stevie Wonder's Atlantic City Concert, his voice is timeless. These 3 Things I Loved:

1. He got down on one knee to play "Boogie Reggae Woman" on his harmonica! I could have sworn he was playing it like that just for me. Oh! Stevie! I do! DO I DO!

2. He stopped the show, to let his daughter wipe the sweat from his beautiful brow, I wished that was my duty. His daughter is extremely beautiful, just like her dad, but I still would have loved to wiped Stevie's brow.

3. He played two of my favorite songs, "Tuesday Heartbreak" from his "Talking Book" Album and "My Love is on Fire" from his "A Time to Love" Album.

I picked up 3 Stevie T-shirts which had braille writing all over the back with his concert dates. My next paycheck has his Las Vegas concert written all over it. He's playing at the MGM Grand Nov. 28th. Life is good. Thank You Stevie!

The Church of Stevie Wonder Store

Let the church say, "AMEN!"

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