Monday, November 9, 2009

Africa vs Las Vegas

I was not making any plans to see Stevie Wonder in Las Vegas, because I saw him twice already this year and I'm only an east coast fan. Me and the west coast don't match. We just don't coordinate that well together. However, I made the mistake of telling my mother, the 72 year old tennis fanatic, that Stevie will be in Vegas. Somehow she has gone and scraped together the money for the airfare to Vegas. Now, I've got to go, after all it was me who told her that I can get the tickets and a room easily. It was my mother who bought me my first Stevie Wonder Album, Innervisions (the greatest album ever made), 30 years ago when I was a little girl, I might owe it to her.

I had every intentions of saving my money for a trip to Africa. You see, even though I do love Stevie Wonder, I'm not a one dimenisional Stevie Wonder fangirl, (am I too old to be called a fangirl?), I'm a fan of great music and spirituality. Stevie mixes both with perfection, just listen to his, "A Time to Love" Album.

I'm trying my best to get to the Dagara Cultural Festival in Burkina Faso, Africa. For me, this is a spiritual journey. The Dagara Cultural Festival is an attempt to interest youth in the values of the traditions of their ancestors so that they can preserve it in themselves amid the sweeping changes of modernity.

However, my mother is intent on going to Vegas, she's fired up and ready to go. I put it in her head, that Las Vegas was the place to be, the same way that she nourished my love for Stevie Wonder, those many years ago. In the interim, I have neglected to share with her my spiritual journey. I had my Africa trip on a "need to know" basis. Now I know, that she needed to know.

With her being a little old church lady from South Carolina, would she understand my need to travel to a foreign land and not go to Vegas, to scream and shout for one more song from Stevie Wonder?

How can I break it to her?

I would like to thank my newest congregant, CARL E DANIELSEN. He joined the "Church of Stevie Wonder", sometime last week.

I would also like to thank the person who purchased, "The Secret Life of Plants" from my link. I actually played this Album all weekend. Note: All sales are handled by third-party,

The Church of Stevie Wonder Store

Let the church say, "AMEN!"

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